Ghoulish Art for the Haunting Season

As Halloween continues to sneak closer, we took a look through our permanent collection to find our most ghoulish and scary art. For today, we decided to share with you this piece by Salvador Dali, a 1968 work titled The Cards Spell Death of Carmen.

As a surrealist painter, Dali created work which questions our traditional sense of reality. This macabre lithograph shows a central figure with splashes of red for her clothes and hair. This bloody color also spreads to the cards. And to top off the piece, there are two skeletons hovering suspiciously in the background with distended and distorted bones, which are common images for Dali. It doesn’t look like a pleasant fate for Carmen.

Salvador Dali
Spain, 1904-1989
Carmen Act III: “The Cards Spell Death of Carmen”, 1968
25 1/2 x 19 1/2 in.
Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, The University of Oklahoma, Purchase, 1972

2 thoughts on “Ghoulish Art for the Haunting Season

  1. I was drawn to the club in the image and in doing a little research found that in the tarot deck the club is aka the ace of wands. The symbolism behind this card is mostly positive but does have some negative connotations especially on a queen. I see Carmen as a queen (check out the head adornment). A powerful queen with evil intentions and doings…….death not for her but for those around her.

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