Nightmarish Masks from Mexico

As we continued our search through the dark and cob-webby corners of our vaults, we found this scary skull mask from Mexico. This mask (with teeth large enough to crush tons of Halloween candy) would scare away all of your friends if you wore it out trick-or-treating or to a costume party.

The carved wooden mask has been painted with teeth, bloody gums, large black holes for eyes, a wrinkled forehead and a working jaw, was created around 1985, but is based on original masks used for ceremonial dances and used to tell stories of good and evil. What kind of story would you tell with it?

Disclaimer: This mask cannot be rented and worn to your neighbor’s annual Halloween costume party. (Though it would win best costume.)

Unknown, Mexico
Skull Helmet Mask, circa 1985
Polychromed Wood
8 1/2 x 16 in.
Cedric and Daisy Marks Collection of Mexican Folk Art

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