Hold your horses, Mesteño is back! Mesteño previously stood his ground on the corner of Boyd Street, but after years of enduring unpredictable Oklahoma weather it was time for a break. The mustang sculpture was removed for conservation in 2012 so that he could continue to stand tall for many years to come. Mesteño’s new stomping ground is the Lissa and Cy Wagner Gallery at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.

Luis Jimenez created Mesteño in 1977 as a prototype for a larger sculpture located at the Denver International Airport. Jimenez started working with fiberglass as an apprentice in his father’s studio, and it quickly became his favorite medium. He is famous for his depictions of Southwestern and Hispanic themes. Mesteño is a midnight blue stallion with fiery red eyes so he is easily recognizable as soon as you walk into the gallery.

To learn more about Mesteño, click here (or come see him in person at the FJJMA!).


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