Art Museum Ambassadors – a club for “art lovers who don’t have time for art”


College is all about finding your place and finding people who have similar passions as your own. So if you have a passion for art, and are a student at the University of Oklahoma, then the Art Museum Ambassadors program might be for you. In the words of AMA Vice President Madison Sussman, it’s a club for “art lovers who don’t have time for art.” The members of AMA meet monthly to talk art, learn about art history, and even occasionally do art projects. To find out more about AMA, I talked to Madison, Volunteer Coordinator Marli Sussman, and Public Relations Officer Shane Steiner.

First, I asked the officers how they found out about AMA. Madison found out about AMA at the involvement fair during her freshman year. After seeing how much Madison was involved, her sister Marli decided to get involved, too.  Shane found the AMA program at the Camp Crimson involvement fair that was held at the FJJMA during his camp session.

As a Museum Ambassador, you get to experience many unique opportunities, so I wanted to find out what the officers’ favorite experiences have been. The unanimous answer to this question was student parties! Madison also added that they occasionally get invited to the Presidential dinners.

“Those are always fun; they’re fancy,” Madison said. “It’s like you go into the museum and there are many interested people — it’s a whole new experience. You experience the art as a community, which is the way it’s supposed to be experienced, but you’re normally alone at the museum.”

The officers encourage students who are interested to get involved in the program and come to the meetings.

“Come to the meetings, you’ll get adopted really quickly,” Madison said “We like new people.”

Marli added, “But we also do really fun crafts, like pottery!”

AMA is the only club affiliated with the FJJMA, so the members have a close tie to the museum. Madison also added that if you are interested in working in a museum in the future, AMA is a great stepping stone for your career.

AMA meetings are held monthly, but they also have lots of great events through the semester like college nights and student parties. If you are interested in becoming an Art Museum Ambassador, fill out the volunteer form on our website. It’s never too late to join, but we encourage you to get involved soon!

Emily Roberts

OU Advertising Sophomore

FJJMA Web Intern


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