The Memebership Development Department

To continue our series about the departments of the museum, today we are talking to Chelsea Julian of the membership development department.


Chelsea 1

Name: Chelsea Julian

Job Title: Membership Development Director

Educational Background: MA in Strategic Communication, BA in Public Relations

Which events at the museum are you in charge of, and what steps do you take to plan these events? I am in charge of planning and implementing all membership-related events including receptions, socials, fundraisers, and trips. There are different processes for each but essentially we plan our programming in conjunction with the exhibition schedule. For example, we always have a members’ opening reception for new temporary exhibitions. We host two fundraisers each year. In the fall I host the membership party which celebrates the contributions of our members throughout the year, highlighting new acquisitions or programs membership dues have helped fund over the year. Our spring fundraiser, Toast to the Arts, celebrates the arts and generally serves to raise funds for a specific acquisition or program, like Ed Ruscha’s No Man’s Land. Socials, like Art “à la Carte,” attempt to reach new audiences. As a part of the Norman Art’s Council’s 2nd Friday art walk, Art “à la Carte” seeks to appeal to those who may have never been to the museum before and provides a fun, relaxing environment for the public to interact with art and the museum in a new way.

In what ways do you work with the Museum Association members? I represent the Museum Association’s interests to the museum. I oversee membership donations, renewals, recruitment, retention, and correspondence. I work with the Museum Association Board to make decisions on membership benefits and programs. The Museum Association Board is made up of museum members to represent members’ interests and identify community needs.

What is your favorite part of your job? My favorite part of my job is working with people. The Norman community and our members are so supportive of the museum. Every day is different. I am constantly meeting new people, trying new programs or events, and looking for new ways to reach different audiences.


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