The Visitor Services Department

As our series continues, today we are talking to Lacy Jo Burgess of the Visitor Services Department!

Lacy Jo

Name: Lacy Jo Burgess

Job title: Visitor Services Coordinator, and I also Coordinate the Association’s Membership Database

Educational Background: BFA in Art History, BA in Anthropology, MA in Geography, ABD (all but dissertation) PhD. In Geography, all from OU

Typical Day: Get in, check the visitor report to see what groups are coming through, start up the front desk computers, turn off the iPod cart, load any flyers/other printed materials that have run low. If we have buses coming be ready to open the door and click/count guests in, record this info in the computer. Depending on where we are in the month, I may be doing invoices for special events or the monthly attendance reports for the rest of the museum staff. Not only am I the first person people interact with in the museum, I am also the person that interacts with deliveries and coordinates guest of the administration offices.

Favorite part of job: I really enjoy interacting with people and representing a museum that I have a long history with (I was an intern in art school, and I was also a docent for a year). I like helping people see a very strong part of the University and helping them find their way around the campus and surrounding town.



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