Art Abstracts: Dayton Clark

Looking for the answer to Art Abstracts? This one comes from the 101st Annual School of Art & Art History Student Exhibition and is Dayton Clark’s Lethe!


Here’s what the artist said about the painting:

In Lethe, I’ve worked to express a fundamental doubt I feel concerning the afterlife. The painting takes its name from the ancient Greek river that erases the memory of those that drink from it. The river was adapted by Dante and placed in his Earthly Paradise where it erases the memory of past sin to prepare one for Heaven. My painting features a spiritual successor to Dante and his companion Beatrice navigating a surreal landscape somewhere on the fringe of Paradise. This allegorical Beatrice invites Dante into the river. He hesitates, weighing whether it’s truly worth it to abandon his memory and who he is for eternal bliss.

The 101st Annual School of Art & Art History Student Exhibition is a competitive juried show held each spring to highlight the diverse works of art created by art and art history students from the University of Oklahoma. Multiple awards with cash prizes are presented to students, including the top award, the T.G. Mays Purchase Award, which is offered to a student whose artwork becomes a part of the museum’s permanent collection.


Dayton Clark (U.S., b. 1993)
Lethe, 2014
Oil and gold leaf on canvas
48 x 36 inches
Loaned by the artist for the exhibition


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