Art Abstracts: Hoang Truong

Looking for the answer to Art Abstracts? It is Visualizing Mental Illness by Hoang Truong! This video is currently playing in the 101st Annual School of Art & Art History Student Exhibition through mid-February.



According to the artist:

We were asked to brand a PBS series detailing mental illness and create a series of posters, a promotional video and a banner ad. Fascinated by the phenomenon of hallucinations, I decided to create a series that highlighted the terrifying occurrence. My brand draws inspiration from the fluidity and transparent aspect of hallucinations and its blur between reality and imagination. Using ink and water, I wanted to symbolize the translucent fluidity of the concept of hallucinations and mental illness. The audio to the video is what a schizophrenic person supposedly hallucinates.

Multiple awards with cash prizes were presented to students during the opening reception. Truong’s Visualizing Mental Illness won the T.G. Mays Purchase Award, which is offered to a student whose artwork becomes a part of the museum’s permanent collection. Congratulations to Hoang and all the award winners! Be sure to see the exhibition before it closes on Sunday, February 15, 2015.


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