Art Abstracts: Leonard Good

Looking for the answer to Art Abstracts? The answer is Leonard Good’s Portrait of Oscar B. Jacobson.

Portrait of Oscar B. Jacobson | Leonard Good blog

In 1947, Leonard Good painted a portrait of his mentor, Oscar Brousse Jacobson. Good had been a painting student at the University of Oklahoma in the 1920s, and Jacobson later hired his former pupil to serve on the School of Art faculty in 1930. By the time Good executed this portrait, Jacobson had overseen tremendous growth of both faculty and students at the School of Art and had helped to establish the OU Museum of Art in 1936.

The portrait may have commemorated Jacobson’s recent retirement as Director of the School of Art in 1946. Surprisingly, Good did not paint Jacobson from life but instead used a 1940 photograph. The photograph, which may have been taken by Good, had appeared in the Daily Oklahoman to promote the November opening of Jacobson’s annual exhibition that year, and it depicts Jacobson sitting before his painting Lake Isabel in June. As such, Good acknowledged Jacobson’s long career as a landscape painter and his deep affection for the wilds of Colorado.

The painting was eventually acquired by Cedric Marks, another alumnus of the School of Art, and he later gave the portrait to the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.

Please join us Thursday for A World Unconquered, an exhibition celebrating the work of Oscar B. Jacobson. For more information about the opening, please visit our Facebook event page.


Leonard Good (U.S, 1907-2000)
Portrait of Oscar B. Jacobson, 1947
Oil on canvas, 23 x 17 inches
Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, The University of Oklahoma, Norman
Gift of Cedric and Daisy Marks, 1984


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