Art Abstracts: Cathleen Faubert

Looking for the answer to Art Abstracts? The answer is Cathleen Faubert’s Aroma of the Uncorrupted.


Aroma of the Uncorrupted is an installation of three olfactory works drawn from specific Oklahoma locations in which Jacobson painted. It accompanies our recently opened exhibition, A World Unconquered. Cathleen Faubert, an artist and assistant professor of art, technology and culture at OU, assembled the unique art experience to complement Jacobson’s artwork. “Fragrance has the instantaneous and invisible power to penetrate consciousness,” Faubert said. “Odor can immediately evoke the details and mood of an old or new experience. In an effort to focus on our olfactory understanding, Aroma of the Uncorrupted uses fragrance to consider the Oklahoma landscape in relation to Oscar Brousse Jacobson’s paintings.”

The three scents in the exhibition are influenced by Jacobson’s paintings Medicine Park (1925), The Glass Mountains (1949) and Horse Thief Canyon, Oklahoma (1949). The fragrances are designed as subjective interpretations of both the paintings and ideas of the places themselves, she said. Scent notes are presented as an element of storytelling, revealing the power of suggestion implicit in the unseen nature of fragrance. “In the same way that Jacobson flattened forms, smoothed planes and generally reduced the landscape to basic patterns, the aromas are spare accords rather than overly populated complex formulas,” Faubert said. The exhibition also includes several gas chromatography charts of various scents, which use an analytical chemical method that separates chemical substances into individual fragrances, much like the human nose.

A World Unconquered: The Art of Oscar Brousse Jacobson and Aroma of the Uncorrupted will remain on display through Sept. 6, and is made possible, in part, by the Norman Arts Council Grant Program.


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