Art Abstracts: Cos Cob

Looking for the answer to Art Abstracts? It’s Cos Cob by Georgia O’Keeffe!

Cos Cob

Are you getting tired of us talking about Georgia O’Keeffe yet? Too bad! In the spring of 1922, O’Keeffe visited the artists’ colony at Cos Cob, a small rural area just outside Greenwich, Connecticut.

Her interest lay in the individual beauty of the region’s more unusual plants, including the skunk cabbage depicted in Cos Cob. For locals, the skunk cabbage is a harbinger of spring as its first dark green shoots emerge in February. O’Keeffe painted skunk cabbage repeatedly, abstracting the image in simplified forms and a restricted palette, as she sought to capture the inner vitality and potential energy contained in each curled leaf. The painting is typical of the artist’s interest in up-close portraits of flora.


Georgia O’Keeffe (U.S.)
Cos Cob, 1926
Oil on Canvas, 16 x 12 in.
Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, The University of Oklahoma, Norman
Purchase, U.S. State Department Collection, 1948


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