Staff Art Pick: Leave a Good Impressionism (feat. Terry Dudgeon)

Ever feel overwhelmed by the vast quantity of art? Consider going to see some of our staff favorites! They answered a few questions about their favorite work, and we’ll be sharing their answers with you on the blog! The beautiful thing about art is that you don’t have to be an expert to appreciate it.

Today’s staff pick is from Mr. Terrance Dudgeon. Terry is one of our fearless Guardians of the Artwork!

Q: What is your favorite work?

My favorite work is “Carnations” (pastel on paper) by Odilon Redon.  It is displayed in the Weitzenhoffer Collection in the “Living Room.”

Q: Why do you like it?

I’m drawn to the work for two reasons – color and simplicity.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.15.27 PM

IMAGE CREDIT | Odilon Redon, France (1840-1916) | Carnations (Les Oeillets) n.d. | Pastel on paper, 23 x 20 in. | Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, University of Oklahoma | Aaron M. and Clara Weitzenhoffer Bequest, 2000

Color – I have always loved pastels.  As a child I always dyed my Easter eggs in pastels.  I enjoy buying and wearing pastel shirts. (We’ll have to catch Terry in his natural habitat in order to see colors, however, because the guard uniforms are about as vibrant as the background of this work.) I have also traveled quite a bit in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean and enjoy the pastel colors the locals use in painting and decorating their homes.

Simplicity – “Carnations” is obviously just that – a painting of carnations.  Very simple.  But beautiful. My mother once told me that there would come a time when I would seek a more “simpler” life.  As I have grown older – having lived in parts of 7 decades ( 1950’s – 2015) – I have discovered that she was right.  Material possessions become less important and a slower simpler life style is indeed also beautiful.


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