Staff Art Pick: On the Outside Looking In (feat. Shawn Perkins)

Ever feel overwhelmed by the vast quantity of art? Consider going to see some of our staff favorites! They answered a few questions about their favorite work, and we’ll be sharing their answers with you on the blog! The beautiful thing about art is that you don’t have to be an expert to appreciate it.

Today’s staff pick is from Mr. Shawn Perkins. Shawn is one of our ever-vigilant security guard at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art!

Q: What is your favorite work?

Shaman by Elwood M Reynolds

Q: Why do you like it?

I like the piece because it’s simple in form but it’s design holds a lot of symbolism which I find new interpretations for daily.

Q: How long has it been your favorite?

I can’t really recall how long it’s been my favorite but it’s been at least a year.

Q: Is it on display? If yes, where is it? If not, when did you see it?

Yes, it’s sort of hidden on the second floor in a special outdoor display area.

midday shaman[1]

Photo Credit: Shawn Perkins

Q: What is something you would like to know about this work?

I have my own understanding of what the symbols used in the piece mean but I wonder what the intent of the artist was when they chose those symbols.


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