Art Abstracts: Shopping Bag (Turkey) by Roy Lichtenstein

Looking for the answer to Art Abstracts? It’s Shopping Bag (Turkey) by Roy Lichtenstein!

Shopping Bag (Turkey)

IMAGE CREDIT | Roy Lichtenstein, U.S., 1923-1997 | Shopping Bag (Turkey), 1965 | Screen print on paper, 23 x 17 in. | The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, the University of Oklahoma, Norman | Purchase, 1966 | © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein

Happy early Thanksgiving from the staff at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art! I hope that your turkey is considerably more three dimensional and savory than the one pictured in this quirky work of art. Although this piece is not currently on display, stop by the museum to view another work by Lichtenstein, currently on display in the museum’s Sandy Bell Gallery!

This Thanksgiving, we’re especially grateful to all of our Association members, who help us grow our collection, and preserve culture for future generations!


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