Off the Wall: Deck the Halls with Works of Art

Welcome to Off the Wall. We’ve skimmed the news around the museum, and want to share the highlights with you.

Written while talking about how we need to replace the museum’s stairs with slides.


“What success? Money? Fame? Success of the true artist is in knowing the truth of his vision is in his own terms.” -Maynard Dixon



Freezing rain is falling from the sky, and you’re beginning to wonder if your extended family is planning on ever leaving. You’re as stuffed as the Tupperware in the fridge, and the egg nog and children are starting to look a little spoiled. The holidays are great, but sometimes you just need a break. Luckily for you, the FJJMA is open and waiting for you to take a few minutes for yourself! Not only has our exhibition, Immortales: The Hall of Emperors of the Capitoline Museums, Rome, been extended until February, we have several brand new installments tucked into galleries inside the museum.


Here at the FJJMA, we hope to present installations that are as dynamic and diverse as our community. With your budding young learners in mind, we’ve rebranded one of our galleries as an exclusively educational space! With art curated by the education department, your children can have a unique art experience tailored just for them. This teaching gallery near the education offices was created to appeal to a variety of ages, with gallery themes ranging from learning how to interpret works of art, to collaborative exhibitions with university professors. The first exhibition in this space will be open January, 2016 through June, followed by an installation that will run from July to December.

ART of the 46

Just adjacent to the education gallery, find a brand new space devoted entirely to the art of Oklahoma. The gallery’s name is derived from Oklahoma’s position as the 46th state to join the Union. With works by artists including Eugene Bavinger, Oscar Brousse Jacobson, and Alexandre Hogue, this small space pays homage to a rich history of Oklahoma art and artists. Many of the artists included in Art of the 46 chose to depict Oklahoma in their work or made their careers here. With works ranging from the 1920s to the late 90s, Art of the 46 provides a vivid spectrum that exemplifies the diversity of Oklahoma artists.


Our extensive collection includes more than 17,000 objects, and with only about 10 percent of those currently on display, gallery rotations provide a great opportunity for the public to see some of the fantastic works from our vaults. On the museum’s second floor, the large Adkins Gallery has received a fresh coat of art. The new installation arrangement will explore the Taos and Santa Fe art colonies, and art in Arizona. Within this broader theme, there will be a more concentrated focus on the art of Nicolai Fechin, Leon Gaspard, and Maynard Dixon. If you’re wary of change, don’t worry! A few familiar faces will remain in the Adkins Gallery, including Fechin’s Portrait of My Father, Cornelia Cassady-Davis’s Hopi Snake Dance, and several others.


Three places to check out:

  • The education space, located on the first floor, will open its first exhibition January, 2016.
  • The Adkins Gallery has just undergone a rotation, and the new displays are already open for your enjoyment.
  • The brand new Oklahoma gallery is located on the first floor near the Education Space, and will be on view in late December, 2015.



I’m so glad they’re staying through Christmas! This is also what we’re saying about our fantastic exhibition Immortales: The Hall of Emperors of the Capitoline Museums, Rome. Due to record attendance since they arrived, the closing date has been extended to February 14, 2016.


The Looking Lab: No relation to the chocolate lab (sadly). The Looking Lab is the learning component of our new education space! Spring of 2016, visitors will be able to enjoy Looking Lab: Painting, an exhibition that focuses on paint as a medium. The lab is split into five categories that will help familiarize your child with museum basics. These categories include:

  • How to read a painting’s museum label
  • Time out: learn to really look at a painting
  • Paint as a medium
  • Color’s role in art
  • Thinking beyond the frame

It’s not just for kids! The skills in Looking Lab are useful to to any visitors who want to get more out of their museum visit.


Happy Birthday!

artists born several years ago this week:

11/30 Adolphe William Bouguereau, Adriaen Van De Velde, Andrea Palladio, Clyfford Still 12/1 Étienne Maurice Falconet, Karl Schmidt-Roffluff | 12/2 Georges Seurat, Otto Dix | 12/3 Constantin Guys, Gilbert Stuart, Max Meldrum | 12/4 Wassily Kandinsky | 12/5 David Bomberg, Pierre-Philippe Thomire | 12/6 Eliot Porter, Frédéric Bazille



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