Art Abstracts: Waterfront by Stuart Davis

Looking for today’s Art Abstracts? It is Waterfront by Stuart Davis! Did you know that Stuart Davis was born on this day in 1894?


IMAGE CREDIT | Stuart Davis, U.S., 1894-1964 | Waterfront, 1935 | Oil on masonite, 20 x 30 in. | WPA Collection, 1942

Stuart Davis began to experiment with abstraction after seeing European art at the 1913 Armory Show in New York City, and thereafter he became one of the most vocal proponents of experimental art in the United States. During the Great Depression, Davis worked for the Federal Art Project, a relief program under Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration. FAP artists were generally encouraged to employ representational, legible styles, but Davis abstracted his image with the flattened planes and multiple perspectives of Cubism. In his painting of the Gloucester, Massachusetts waterfront, Davis playfully tied two different views together with a mooring rope attached to the pier. Gloucester was a popular artist’s colony, and Davis spent summers there between 1915-34.

Find this work currently on display in the Hobson Gallery at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.



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