Art Abstracts: Spring in a Hot Spring

Art Abstracts

With over 17,000 objects in the museum’s permanent collection, there are many amazing works that visitors rarely get to see. Take a peek into the vaults and off the walls each Monday with a new Art Abstract!

Spring in a Hot Spring

Spring in a Hot Spring

IMAGE CREDIT | Hiroshi Yoshida, Japan, 1877-1945 | Spring in a Hot Spring, 1935 | Woodblock print, 10 x 16 in. | Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, the University of Oklahoma, Norman | Gift of Mrs. Dorothy Tidwell, 1981

The first day of spring occurred on Saturday for those in Pacific, Mountain, or Central daylight time, and on Sunday for those in Eastern or Universal daylight time. Spring, or the vernal equinox, occurs once a year when the sun crosses over the celestial equator traveling north. Thanks to leap day, 2016’s spring is a rare occurrence, and marks the earliest arrival of spring in the Northern hemisphere since 1896.

Artist Hiroshi Yoshida was only 19 years old the last time the first day of spring fell on March 19. His work, Spring in a Hot Spring, depicts several beautiful and traditional elements often found in Japanese artwork, including a soribashi (arched) bridge, a low-hanging Sakura (cherry blossom) tree, and silhouetted architecture reminiscent of the Muromachi period.


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