Off the Wall: Art, Shaken Not Stirred

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Written while watching the weather radar.


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso



Most of us created art projects all the time when we were little kids. Whether it was coloring books on a long road trip, paint-by-number canvases, or Silly Putty surrealist sculpture, creating art was a part of our daily lives. Now that we’re adults, it can feel like the opportunities for creative expression are limited to the doodles you make on your notebook during staff meetings. Not that I do that… I’m always paying complete attention to my boss. But you know, other people doodle. This lack of art-ing might not seem like a big deal, but it is. Creating art helps your brain to function more effectively, makes you generally more socially and mentally happy, and studies have even shown that it can improve your overall health. So how can you incorporate art into your life? Since it’s generally frowned upon for adults to enroll in elementary art classes, we’ve come up with a great solution!


Media Mixer! This is a brand new event at the FJJMA. It’s comparable to programs at other museums and galleries like Wine and Palette, Painting with a Twist, or Wine and Design–but we’ve given it our own spin. We’re bringing in local artist Skip Hill to help us out as we create our very own collage works. Unlike some of the other wine-and-paint events you might have attended in the past, attendees won’t all be creating the exact same project. Not that producing a row of identical Starry Night knockoffs isn’t mentally stimulating, but at Media Mixer attendees will all be creating their own individual work. Materials, drinks, and artistic assistance will be provided, but the end product will be uniquely your own!


Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, the earth was blessed with a magical potion that holds unimaginable properties. After a few sips of this elixir, your childlike creativity would inevitably burst forth, allowing you to shed your “I can’t art” mindset and muster the gumption to do all the art. This potion, of course, is commonly referred to in modern times as wine. A cautionary tale for those who choose to utilize this liquid courage: the creativity elixir was made to be enjoyed in moderation, lest you overindulge and find yourself on stage singing Carrie Underwood karaoke. But don’t worry, at Media Mixer we’ll make sure you stay in that sweet spot, somewhere between, “Wow, I really can do art!” and, “You know what, I think I do sound kind of like Adele.”


I’m so glad you asked. Skip Hill will serve as both art collaborator and somewhat of a social celebrity during our evening. If you’re lucky, he might even offer some fashion advice. Hill’s extensive portfolio is composed of colorful mixed media depicting graphic shapes, scribbles, Kanji calligraphy, and African motifs. His work is included in both private collections and public spaces, and comes in many forms, from paintings and drawings to murals and collage. Hill has lived and exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, southeast Asia, Brazil and North Africa, and his portfolio describes his art as an “epicurean delight in a mélange of sensual and sensory experiences.” When ‘mélange,’ ‘epicurean,’ and ‘sensual’ are all used in the same sentence, you know it’s going to be good.


Media Mixer is on June 3 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. Enjoy free refreshments, live piano music, and create an art project with the help of a professional artist. This event is only open to those 21 and up (sorry, kids). If you are an FJJMA Association member, you get to come for free! If you aren’t, that’s okay–it’s only $15. You can buy tickets and RSVP online, or by calling (405) 325-2297–or you can wait and get your tickets at the door. I hope you’ll join us for this great opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional artist while socializing and networking with the arts community!


Collage: Not the embarrassing typo you included when you texted your friend that you miss being in college. Collage comes from the french word coller, which means ‘to glue.’ Collage is a form of visual art (sometimes craft) that involves assembling various things to create an entirely new thing. Kind of like what Renée Zellweger’s doctor did with her face. Collages are commonly made up of magazine or newspaper clippings, paints, colorful paper, and photographs, all compiled into interesting designs and glued to a paper or canvas. Some collage is fairly simple and attractive, some transport you into a surreal other world–the options are limitless!



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