Art Abstracts: John Randolph, Summertime

Art Abstracts

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IMAGE CREDITS | John Randolph, U.S., 1920 | Summertime, 1947 | Oil, 30 x 21 in. | Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, the University of Oklahoma, MFA Thesis Selection, School of Art

Born in Ada, Oklahoma, John Randolph earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts from the University of Oklahoma. He also studied at Shrivenham Army College in England and the University of Oregon. Upon graduation in 1948, Randolph joined the art department of Phillips University where he served as a professor and Chairperson of the department, serving the university for more than four decades.

Randolph explained this painting in his thesis:

“A number of quick sketches and prolonged drawings were made at the parks and swimming pools around Norman. A line composition was made from them. Then working over this with tracing paper and making suggested geometric shapes actually geometric, the design became less representative but more interesting in pattern. This process was repeated a great many times. The new motif was used as a basis for each succeeding plan. Thus an abstract pattern actually seemed to grow from a realistic one.”

Randolph has exhibited his work across the region. His work was included in one-person and group exhibitions at such places as the Philbrook Art Museum, Wichita Art Museum, Springfield Art Museum, Dallas Museum of Art, and the Chicago Museum of Fine Art.

In 1986, Phillips University hosted a retrospective of his work. That same year, as part of the Governor’s Arts Awards, Randolph received the Community Service Award, recognizing his work for Enid businesses and commissions. At Phillips University, he received the Dean J. Clifford Shirley Outstanding Faculty Award.


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