Art Abstracts: Hot Dog Bridge by Russell Gordon

Art Abstracts

With more than 17,000 objects in the museum’s permanent collection, there are many amazing works that visitors rarely get to see. Take a peek into the vaults and off the walls each Monday with a new Art Abstract!

Hot Dog Bridge

Hot Dog Bridge

IMAGE CREDIT | Russell Gordon, n.d. | Hot Dog Bridge, 1974 | Lithograph | Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Graf, 1978 | Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

Happy National Hot Dog Month! This work is currently on display in our Education Gallery as part of the installation #AllTheFeels. This installation invites visitors to ask themselves how various works of art make them feel. Joy, anger, surprise–feelings abound in art and our everyday lives. Artists often use facial expressions, gestures, colors, and even the arrangement of the composition to express feelings in art. Visit the gallery and tag us @fjjma with a picture and emojis to express how the art in #AllTheFeels makes you feel!


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