Art Abstracts: Joseph R. Taylor’s “Jungle Madonna”

Art Abstracts

With more than 17,000 objects in the museum’s permanent collection, there are many amazing works that visitors rarely get to see. Take a peek into the vaults and off the walls each Monday with a new Art Abstract!

Jungle Madonna


IMAGE CREDIT | Joseph R. Taylor, U.S. 1907-2000 | Jungle Madonna, 1939 | Joseph R. Taylor Bequest, 2001

Today is International Cat Day! This work appears in our Art of the 46 installation. The bond between mother and child is represented in Joe Taylor’s Jungle Madonna through the protective stance the lion assumes over her young, hidden in the shallow carving below her body. Taylor emphasized the inherent character of the stone and sought simplicity in form. During his tenure as Professor of Sculpture at the University of Oklahoma, he returned to the theme of jungle cats numerous times and even produced several sculptures for Oklahoma’s Frankoma Pottery.

We have many cats in our collection. Currently on display in our #AllTheFeels installation, this ferocious feline (below) was created by artist L. Pablo of Oaxaca, Mexico.


IMAGE CREDIT | L. Pablo, Oaxaca, Mexico | Oaxacan Wood Carving, Cat, 1995 | The Dr. and Mrs. Richard Mansfield Collection, GIft, 2003

Visit the museum this week to see if you can find more feline friends! Take a picture and tag us on social media @fjjma.


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