Off the Wall: Get Fired Up

Welcome to Off the Wall. We’ve gathered news from around the museum and want to share the highlights with you.

Written while trying to decide if mallow-only Lucky Charms or Omar the longest cat is more news-worthy.



It’s finally summer, and that means sunshine, poolside vacations, outdoor barbecues, and, most importantly, another Media Mixer! If you attended last year’s Media Mixer, you will remember learning to make awesome collage works under the direction of artist Skip Hill. This year, we’re taking the event out of the museum and heading over to the University of Oklahoma Ceramic Studio and Kiln Facility.


We will be getting up-close and personal with the firing and glazing process required for beautifully finished pottery and ceramics. Local artist Stuart Asprey will guide us as we use a Raku kiln to fire premade pots on-site! Once you fire and glaze your pot, it will be yours to take home that night.


Stuart Asprey is a professor at the OU School of Visual Arts. His recent work uses porcelain vessels as a graphic clay canvas, which Stuart describes as a narrative investigation into various folklore and popular culture connections that human civilization has with alcohol and food. He has won numerous awards and has been in more than 60 invitational, juried national and international exhibitions during his career. His work is a combination of two-dimensional imagery on three-dimensional porcelain vessels and explores one of the most underrated industries produced and perfected in this country: the business of popular culture.


Like last year, Media Mixer will provide you with complimentary wine and other beverages, snacks to munch on as you wait to fire your piece, and an opportunity to mingle with others in the community! The event takes place on June 2 from 7 to 9 p.m. and is located at the OU Ceramic Studio and Kiln Facility at 401 East Congress St., Norman, Oklahoma. If you are in the New Friend membership program, tickets are free! If you are a FJJMA Museum Association member, tickets are $15. Non-members may purchase a ticket for $25. Drinks, snacks, and the art activity are all included! To purchase tickets, click here.


Raku Firing: Not a Vulcan tradition. Raku kilns provide for a quick firing process in which a piece of ceramic is pulled from the kiln at its maximum temperature and doused with water to speed the cooling process. This type of firing will allow for all pots to be glazed and fired in rounds so that each attendee will have a piece of pottery to take home that evening!




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